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About Us

Mon trésor is an exciting fashion brand in the world of jewellery that combines all current fashion trends.

Our goal

Continue being a guide to the vast world of jewellery for the bold and confident women and men who follow the latest fashion, make their own style decisions and find jewellery as an integral part of their image.

Quality and style

Mon trésor stands for high quality, impeccable style and wide range of products. At mon trésor, our customers enjoy consistently high quality of products and excellent customer service. Once visiting one of our stores, many become our loyal customers. 

Our customer

Mon trésor jewellery collection offers product range for stylish woman and successful men and even whimsical little fashionista. Majority of our customers are modern, self-confident in the future men and women aged 18 - 50. 

Product range

Founded in 2003, mon trésor became a unique brand on the baltic jewellery market. Product range in the mon trésor concept stores is formed thanks to three main directions:

  • Beauty and luxury of gold
  • Democratic price and shine of silver
  • Parisian chic and sophistication of the french, plaque or, jewellery class

Active marketing policy

Mon trésor conducts active marketing policy aimed at increasing consumer demand and mon trésor jewellery brand promotion through media.

Our marketing plan is tailored to seasonal peaks and declines in customer demand.